Japanese stab-binding: 3-part workshop series
A series of three 2-hour workshops exploring Japanese stab-binding techniques.
These workshops could take place on consecutive days or weeks, or spread across a morning and afternoon session.
Japanese stab-binding is a beautiful way to bind pages of a notebook, sketchbook or scrapbook, and there's something really calming about the repetitive motion of hand-stitching - even if you've never picked up a sewing needle before.
Session 1: Introduction to handmade books
Session 2: Kangxi binding and hemp-leaf binding 
Session 3: Tortoise-shell binding
Participants will also learn to make saddle-stitch books and single-page folded books, as well as the Turkish Map Fold technique.
You can find more information on what's covered in my bookbinding workshops here 🔗 or get in touch directly via email.

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Making Pictures
Making Pictures is a series of classes running over 8 weeks, exploring practical image-making skills including composition, value, colour theory and different media techniques.
The sessions are designed to build confidence and encourage participants to use the taught skills to plan and develop their own pieces. Participants add to their sketchbook/visual journal each week, and produce a self-directed final piece in the final sessions.
Each 2hr session focuses on one technique and consists of 3 parts:
Skill: analyse the technique through discussion, demonstration, and contextual examples.
Artist: look at examples of visual art and discuss how the technique is used and its effect.
Practice: a practical activity where participants can try out the technique in their own work.
In 2022 I delivered Making Pictures for the OWLS art group at Left Bank Leeds. 
Please contact me for more info or to chat about art classes and workshops 💬 
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