Handmade Books Workshop for Children & Families
A children's version of the Handmade Books workshop with a story writing / drawing activity in the second half. This can be adapted to fit a theme - World Book Day, pirates and treasure maps, International Women's Day, fairytales and folklore, local history, Christmas, ghost stories... 
Participants will create an origami map-fold book with pop-up pages and a sturdy hardback cover.
Rummage through all kinds of decorative paper, cardboard, thread and ribbon to find your favourite colours and design your own unique cover.
Then the fun part - fill the pages with stories, comics, treasure maps, poetry, or your own designs for mythical creatures and monsters!
This workshop is ideal for family-friendly venues, events and festivals, as well as schools and youth clubs.
Length: around 2 hours
Suitable for: children and families - Please get in touch to discuss group sizes and how this workshop can be adapted for different ages, or fit with school activities & the National Curriculum.
Find more info on bookbinding workshops for all ages here 🔗
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