Bookbinding & Handmade Books Workshops 
Since 2022, I've been developing a series of handmade books workshops. 
Japanese stab-binding is a beautiful way to bind pages of a notebook, sketchbook or scrapbook, and there's something really calming about the repetitive motion of hand-stitching - even if you've never picked up a sewing needle before.
Map-fold books and cascading books use paperfolding techniques to make sculptural pieces that unfurl as you turn the pages.
Workshops are available to book either as a stand-alone session, a series of workshops, a drop-in workshop, and a childrens/family friendly workshop with an educational story-writing activity which can be based around a theme or event. 
More info on each workshop can be found below.
To enquire about booking a workshop for your event or workplace, shoot me an email on 💬
Handmade Books
An introduction to a range of book-making techniques suitable for beginners and experienced participants.
In this workshop participants will make a Turkish Map Fold and assemble a beautiful 3-dimensional book that unfurls as you turn the pages. These make really beautiful gifts, decorations, or tiny notebooks to fill with ideas, 'one line a day', or maybe a daily haiku.
Participants will also learn how to make hardback covers for their books using recycled card and a huge variety of decorative paper with loads of colours and patterns to choose from.
In the second half of the workshop, participants will learn to measure, pierce, and stitch the spine of a second book using the four-hole Japanese stab-binding technique.
There will be step-by-step demonstrations throughout and plenty of opportunities to customise your book and create something totally unique!
Length: 2-3 hours
Suitable for: adults, young adults, groups of around 3-20 people. 
Japanese Stab-Binding
(Tortoise Shell Binding or Hemp-Leaf Binding)
These workshops was designed to follow on from the Handmade Books workshop, but they can also work well on their own. 
We will cover Japanese stab-binding techniques in more detail, so this workshop is ideal for people who want to take their stab-binding a step further - but don't worry if you're new to the practice as there are plenty of opportunities to catch up!
There are two Japanese stab-binding workshops to choose from with a different stitch type as the main focus. Participants will create at least 2 different books, with plenty of materials left over to make more if there's time left over!
Both workshops begin with the simple 4-hole binding as a refresher for participants who have done it before, and to introduce everyone to the materials and equipment used before we tackle some of the more complex decorative stitches. 
Length: 2 hours each (It is also possible to combine both workshops for a longer session - please contact me to discuss this further!)
Suitable for: adults, groups of around 3-15 people.
Drop-In Bookbinding Workshop
A drop-in style workshop ideal for markets, art/craft fairs, open days, festivals and events.
In this workshop participants can design their own notebook, journal or sketchbook. There's a huge range of paper to use for the inside - from lined/squared writing paper, to watercolour paper and cartridge paper for drawing and sketching - as well as different cover designs and colourful thread to choose from. 
Participants will learn traditional Japanese stab-binding techniques, with step-by-step guidance for beginners, and the option to use materials with pre-punched holes if using sharp tools such as awls isn't suitable (for example: if making books with younger children).
Participants take home a beautiful handmade book, as well as a free mini-zine with illustrated instructions to make another book by themselves later on, or refill the pages when they've filled it up!
Handmade Books Workshop for Children & Families
A children's version of the Handmade Books workshop with a story writing / drawing activity in the second half. This can be adapted to fit a theme - World Book Day, pirates and treasure maps, International Women's Day, fairytales and folklore, local history, Christmas, ghost stories... 
Participants will create an origami map-fold book with pop-up pages and a sturdy hardback cover.
Rummage through all kinds of decorative paper, cardboard, thread and ribbon to find your favourite colours and design your own unique cover.
Then the fun part - fill the pages with stories, comics, treasure maps, poetry, or your own designs for mythical creatures and monsters!
This workshop is ideal for family-friendly venues, events and festivals, as well as schools and youth clubs.
Length: around 2 hours
Suitable for: children and families - Please get in touch to discuss group sizes and how this workshop can be adapted for different ages, or fit with school activities & the National Curriculum.
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